About Out.Haus Ales

The Brewery

Out.Haus Ales is a three-barrel nano-brewery in Northwood, NH. Built in the garage during the summer of 2013, the brewery was officially licensed November 2013 and the beer became available January 2014.

When I originally decided to open the brewery I had a simple plan: Set up a one-barrel system on my own land; run it there for a while; if it doesn't get big enough to expand within two years, I'd close it up with minimal loss. It was only after about seven or eight months that I started looking for a new, bigger location. My main priority was I wanted to stay in Northwood if I could.

I finally found the place late in 2014 at 442 1st NH Turnpike. I signed the lease in January of 2015, moved in in February, started brewing again in March, and opened up the tasting room in April.

The Name

We first moved to Northwood, NH in 1999, and a large number of our friends lived in the Boston area in MA. We were all part of an online community, and a bunch of us had names for our homes that ended in "Haus". Our house was so far out of the way, both in distance, (even in NH it's about 30 minutes to anywhere from here,) and access to major highways, so we took the name Out Haus.
When I started making labels for my homebrews I made a slight change and replaced the space with a period and it became the Out.Haus. Under that name, and with a label that's almost identical to the one I use now, I shared my beers with friends and family.
Once I started thinking about doing this professionally I bounced around ideas for different names and logos, but the overwhelming response from not just friends and family, but also random friends of friends, was to keep the name and the logo.

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