The Beers of Out.Haus Ales

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The current beer selection at the brewery:

    On Tap
  • Farm.Haus Flowers - Farm.Haus Ale with fresh chamomile added for a smooth, floral flavor - 4.5% ABV with 29 IBU
  • Flower Barrel - Farm.Haus Ale with fresh chamomile added and then aged in a white wine barrel - 4.7% ABV with 29 IBU
  • Rhubarb-Wheat - Home-grown rhubarb is added to an American Wheat Beer after primary fermentation has finished giving the light, sweet beer a refreshing tartness. - 4.5% ABV with 15 IBU
  • Coffee Blonde - An American Blonde Ale with a light-roast coffee added to the mash basically allowing to coffee to brew while the mash is steeping, giving it a nice, subtle coffee flavor - 5.7% ABV with 17 IBU
  • Smoking American Blonde - American Blonde Ale brewed with cherry-wood smoked malt - 5.6% with 16 IBU
  • Opa's Pipe - Opa's Rocker, made with cherrywood smoked malt giving it the memory of grampa sitting on the porch with his pipe. - 5.2% ABV with 18 IBU
  • IPA - A more "traditional" style IPA; more malt flavor than hop, with the primary hop being Cascade for a more floral flavor - 6.0% ABV with 70 IBU
  • Brown Ale - My brown is less a "Nut Brown" and more a creamy, almost sweet brown ale - 5.7% ABV with 40 IBU
  • Stout - Light enough to drink year round, but loaded with four different kinds of dark malts giving it great body and flavor - 5.6% ABV with 65 IBU
  • Out.Bock - Our fall lager is a Dunkles Bock made with Australian Hallertaur-style hops - 5.9% ABV with 23 IBU
  • Dún Scáith - Dún Scáith is the place where Scáthach the Shadow, legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial arts teacher, trained the hero Cú Chulainn in the arts of combat. What better name for a barrel aged version of Culann's Hound. - 8.8% ABV with 73 IBU
  • On Deck:

  • Fest Bier - An Oktoberfest-style beer made with German malts and noble hops.
  • Fermenting:

  • Barleywine 2022 - Barleywine-style Ale brewed in early April of 2021, aged six months on oak chips, and then aged another 6 months before release
  • Dunkelweizen - The German-style Dunkelweizen can be considered a cross between a German-style dunkel and a hefeweizen. - 4.3% ABV with 13.2 IBU

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