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The current beer selection at the brewery:

    On Tap
  • Opa's Rocker - Our first ever Pilsner style beer. Made with 100% Pilsner malt and Saaz hops it's a clean, refreshing take on a classic - 4.9% ABV with 18 IBU
  • Casa Remota is our take on a Mexican-style lager. Made with flaked corn and German malt it's perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, or any other day of the year - 5.0% ABV with 18.1 IBU
  • Helles.Haus - A strong, malty German Helles Bock that emphasizes the malty-rich and somewhat toasty qualities of continental malts without being sweet in the finish. - 6.5% ABV with 22.4 IBU
  • Farm.Haus Flowers - Farm.Haus Ale with fresh chamomile added for a smooth, floral flavor - 4.5% ABV with 29 IBU
  • Flower Barrel - Farm.Haus Ale with fresh chamomile added and then aged in a white wine barrel - 4.7% ABV with 29 IBU
  • Cherry Saison - A single malt, single hop saison with tart cherries added after fermentation for a great color and flavor. - 4.7% ABV with 35 IBU
  • Rhubarb-Wheat - Home-grown rhubarb is added to an American Wheat Beer after primary fermentation has finished giving the light, sweet beer a refreshing tartness. - 4.5% ABV with 15 IBU
  • SMaSH Cancer IPA - A single-malt single-hop IPA made in collaboration with Stashe Strong, supporting brain cancer research. - 6.7 ABV with 31.3 IBU
  • IPA - A more "traditional" style IPA; more malt flavor than hop, with the primary hop being Cascade for a more floral flavor - 6.0% ABV with 70 IBU
  • Brown Ale - My brown is less a "Nut Brown" and more a creamy, almost sweet brown ale - 5.7% ABV with 40 IBU
  • Stout - Light enough to drink year round, but loaded with four different kinds of dark malts giving it great body and flavor - 5.6% ABV with 65 IBU
  • Letters - TDHBNEDIPA - A Triple Dry-Hopped Black New England Double IPA - a hazy, juicy New England Double IPA taken to the dark side. 8.8% ABV with 64 IBU
  • Fermenting:

  • Barleywine 2022 - Barleywine-style Ale brewed in early April of 2021, aged six months on oak chips, and then aged another 6 months before release

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