The Beers of Out.Haus Ales

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The current beer selection at the brewery:

    On Tap
  • Thursday's - Kölsch-style ale made at the suggestion of the Thursday Gaming Crew. "Thursday's are for Tom!" - 4.4%ABV with 26.3 IBU
  • Casa Remota is our take on a Mexican-style lager. Made with flaked corn and German malt it's perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, or any other day of the year - 5.0% ABV with 18.1 IBU
  • Scottish 80/- Ale - Traditional Scottish-style Export Ale: very malty, minimal hop - 5.4% with 18 IBU
    British beers used to be taxed based on alcohol content. "80 shilling" are commonly referred to as "export" ales, and are usually around 5% ABV.
  • Auld MacDonald - Scotch Ale style beer brewed with British malts and hops in the Scottish style. Often referred to as a Scottish version of a British Barleywine. - 9.0% ABV with 20.5 IBU
  • Red Ale - Traditional Irish Style Red Ale; very malty with very low hops presence and relatively low carbonation - 5.1% ABV with 19.8 IBU
  • Culann's Hound - Imperial Red Ale; a higher alcohol, hopped up version of my standard Red. - 8.8% ABV with 73.4 IBU
  • Maple Pale Ale - Made using concentrated maple sap as the brewing liquor giving the beer a noticeable maple flavor. - 6.5% ABV with 11 IBU
  • Maple Walnut Brownie - An Imperial Brown Ale made with real NH Maple syrup and toasted walnuts - 8.4% ABV with 34.2 IBU
  • Brown Ale - My brown is less a "Nut Brown" and more a creamy, almost sweet brown ale - 5.7% ABV with 40 IBU
  • Stout - Light enough to drink year round, but loaded with four different kinds of dark malts giving it great body and flavor - 5.6% ABV with 65 IB
  • Whiskey Barrel Brown - Imperial Brown Ale aged on whiskey-soaked oak chips - 9.6% ABV with 65.1 IBU

  • On Deck:
  • Dún Scáith - Dún Scáith is the place where Scáthach the Shadow, legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial arts teacher, trained the hero Cú Chulainn in the arts of combat. What better name for a whiskey-barrel aged version of Culann's Hound. - 8.8% ABV with 73 IBU

  • Fermenting:
  • Cherry Saison - A single malt, single hop saison with tart cherries added after fermentation for a great color and flavor. - 4.7% ABV with 35 IBU
  • Flower Barrel - Farm.Haus Ale with fresh chamomile added and then aged in a white wine barrel - 4.7% ABV with 29 IBU
  • Opa's Rocker - Our first ever Pilsner style beer. Made with 100% Pilsner malt and Saaz hops it's a clean, refreshing take on a classic - 4.9% ABV with 18 IBU

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